Our company "Yona Avrech" has been operating in the fuel industry since 1955.The Company is privately owned and employs 200 people. We are licensed to operate as a Fuel Company in Israel. The license permits us to purchase fuels from the Israeli refineries and sell them on the market. Our marketing activity covers: public gas stations; self service gas stations; direct delivery to customers; supply transport service and convenience stores. Our Company also invests in real estate and in technology projects.

Public gas stations

We operate nine public gas stations, some of which are the largest of their kind in Israel. The gas stations have been built to high standards of quality, design and professional care.

Self service gas stations

Our Company is a leader in the rural settlement sector. The operations are managed by "Avrech-Alon", a company jointly and equally owned by Dor-Alon Group and ourselves. Avrech-Alon operates a network of eighty unmanned self service gas stations. Fuelling is performed by a special key or personal identification cards which employ a PIN. This system is unique to our company.

Direct supply

Yona Avrech supplies fuels and lubricants directly to industries, transport Companies, building constructors and developers, agricultural sector, garages, heating and private clients. The products supplied include diesel for transport and industry, Kerosene and all types of gasoline.

Transport capability

The Company owns and operated a fleet of motor tankers. The fleet of tankers allows us to provide a ready, dependable and speedy service to meet the particular requirements of our clients.

Convenience stores

The Company owns and operates convenience stores located in its public gas stations, under the brand name "Buy the Way" ( a registered Trade Mark). Yona Avrech pioneered in setting up convenience stores in gas stations in Israel. The first store near Kfar Sava. We have wide experience in setting up and operating convenience stores. We employ a unique business concept which is well worth a visit.

Subsidiary companies

We own subsidiary companies whose business are real estate and technology projects